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Thank you for visiting my website. This is a personal project, it is incomplete but I continue to add materials - reading lists, notes, lesson plans and other things related to history in general and American history in particular.

As you will see from the materials my main areas of concentration are American History (particularly before 1920), modern Central and Eastern Europe and World War II. I tend towards cultural, social and economic history over political and military history and enjoy American Studies and Literature.

I hope you find something useful here.

American History Study and Reading Groups

Join one or more of our friendly and resepctcful reading groups. All our books are available in either Print and in an accessible text to speech format.

Some individuals enjoy a single group, while others particpate in multiple groups or read selecteed chapters in different books that interest them. The goal is to enjoy meaningful learning.

The menu of Reading Groups above has links to the different groups. We try and always have thought questions, discussion quotes, primary sources and other reliable historical articles.

Suggested Reading Lists

Today In History Websites

Newspaper and Historical Journals Archives

Primary Sources

Other Resources